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“Elliott played a direct and significant role in our success this past season by helping to create a strong chemistry and providing our players with the tools to build their confidence and be prepared to face adversity.”

– Pat Coons, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Westview High School, 2010 Oregon Coach of the Year

“I’ve been coaching for 15 years, and the number one thing athletes lack in their training is the practice of their mental game. Elliott immediately made an impact on how our players perceived sport psychology and how they worked on their mental toughness. Without a doubt, Elliott was a major part of our success this year. We set a school record with seven wins and four top five finishes.”

– Patrick Daugherty, Head Golf Coach, Willamette University

“Elliott played a major role helping Jesuit become the 2016 State Champions. We used his visualization audio track as a routine to mentally prepare for games. It was just as valuable as our pregame infield/outfield drills.”

– Colin Griffin, Head Baseball Coach, Jesuit High School, 2016 Oregon Coach of the Year