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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are one-on-one coaching for athletes & performers to develop a personalized mental game plan for peak performance.

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Initial Consultation

A complimentary initial consultation is scheduled to clarify finances and expectations, and to ensure Waksman is a good fit.

Weekly Sessions

For most clients, the rhythm and accountability of weekly sessions yields the biggest results.


Collaborative confidentiality is a system ensuring both the parent and student-athlete feel comfortable.

Getting started is easy!

A complimentary initial consult is scheduled to go over finances, expectations, and questions.  50 minute sessions are scheduled weekly.  The work is done in a confidential environment, where clients often enjoy getting issues off their chest.  Many issues can be tackled in our sessions including, confidence, focus, and mental toughness.

Session Objectives:

  • Learn practical mental toughness techniques.
  • Create a personalized mental gameplan.
  • Improve self-confidence.

$150 per session

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