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Team Workshops

Team workshops are dynamic presentations with interactive activities to strengthen the team’s culture, resolve issues, and improve communication.

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Waksman's Top Six Workshop Topics to Consider.

Goal Setting

Players will learn the importance of process goals, outline the team's goals for the season, and complete individual S.M.A.R.T. goals. Goal setting locker room posters included.


Learn to dig deep during crunch time by sharing personal, outside-of-the-box motivational stories and designing the visual aid “bag tag”. Individual bag tags included.


Learn to visualize like an Olympian! Players will learn about and practice the five senses of visualization. Personal audio tracks included.

Mental Toughness

Play to win, as opposed to making mistakes out of fear by defining mental toughness and developing mental toughness strategies. Mental toughness mini posters included.

Staying Positive

Players will learn to better recognize negative self-talk and learn reframing techniques. Positive affirmation mini posters included.

Team Building

The group will compete in the strength photo challenge and other hands-on team chemistry activities, which help to unify teams and recognize player roles.

Getting started is easy!

Team workshops are dynamic presentations, which introduce mental toughness techniques, strengthen team culture, and improve group communication. Collaboration with the coaching staff on a custom agenda ensures the specific concepts most important to the team are covered. Player folders, mini posters, and audio tracks are provided, which reinforce the workshop’s takeaways and remind players to apply the techniques they learned during the workshop. Players learn how to celebrate differences, eliminate jealousy, and recognize how their own unique skills contribute to the team’s success.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Celebrate differences.
  • Eliminate jealousy.
  • Learn mental skills.

Starting at $350 per 60-minute workshop

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